12 army jackets you can't miss out on

Long time no see!

SO SORRY I've been away for such a long time. I don't have any good excuse, I have several. Lol. No but seriously I won't leave you guys for this long again. Thank you for being so incredibly patient with me though! Now, enough about that.

Let's check out all these 12 dope military and camouflage jackets I found for you. I included one jacket from the men's section because it's just so stunning. If I can give you one tip for staying unique, it's stealing from the men's section! Most women shop in the women's section so always remember to check out what the men's collection have to offer. (Top pick for men's collection clothes is Maniere De Voir!)


So when I pick out my top picks for you, it's ALWAYS things I'd wear myself. So of course all of these jackets are my favorites but if I would make a strong recommendation, it would be one of the first three. That's because I really love how pale the colors are in the camo pattern.