Revamping My Wardrobe Using My Star Signs

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A couple of months ago, I was at a wardrobe standstill. After a lengthy spring cleaning and parting ways with 90% of my closet, I was having trouble finding a new direction to take my personal style. I looked for inspiration everywhere, but nothing seemed unique enough to apply to my closet. Then, while completing an astrology reading for one of my clients, I had an “AHA!” moment. I loved astrology, and I knew just how much it could tell you about your psyche, so I decided to use my own star signs to revamp my wardrobe. Here’s what I did and how you can do it as well.

First, I looked at the planets and houses (something in astrology that governs an aspect of your life) that ruled self expression, mode of dress, creativity, and comfort. I looked at my Rising sign, my Venus sign, my Mercury sign, my Moon sign, and my Sun sign. For the uninitiated, here’s what they all mean:

Rising sign: this is the sign that was rising over the horizon when you were born and the sign of your first house (your appearance and outward personality). This is helpful for your wardrobe because it gives insight into how you want to present yourself.

Venus sign: The position of Venus in your chart will tell you about your love style, friendship style, and your style in general! Venus is the goddess of love, beauty, femininity and luxury Your venus sign will give you insight into what you find attractive.

Mercury sign: The position of Mercury in your chart will tell you about your mind, mental faculties, and how you express yourself creatively. This sign could give us inspiration for our wardrobe because it can tell you what you’re communicating through your style.

Moon sign: This is the most important sign in your chart. It indicates your deepest personality, and what makes you feel comfortable. This  sign can indicate the style that makes you feel most comfortable, and your approach to decorating your home!

Sun sign: This is the sign you are born under, its your central ego and most basic personality traits. So it’s no surprise that dressing according to your sun sign could bring you comfort, or help you communicate your personalities to others.

If you have any of these planets in...

Aries: You’re a trendsetter, and love to rock the latest. You like looking good, and tend to stand out no matter what you wear. Rihanna is an Aries rising, moon, and venus, and as you can see, her style has made her a fashion icon.  Your colors are all shades of red, specifically blood red.

Taurus: Comfort is the name of the game. You tend to gravitate towards earth tones, and simple items. When doing your makeup; fresh, dewy skin will always give you the glow you’re looking for. Your colors are all earth tones, olive green, and blush pink.

Gemini: Variety, variety, variety! You’re interested in about any and everything, and being a creative genius, you’re likely to switch up often and get bored very easily. Experimental looks good on you. Your colors: all of them, except black. You’re too lively for it.

Cancer: Soft, warm-hearted cancer would do well in textured fabrics that reflect their kind temperment. Cancers are very imaginative and have an affinity with used or vintage items. So you may be a DIY type of person or could be caught at thrift shops. Your colors: white, silver, cream, pastel blue.

Leo: It doesn’t matter what Leos wear, they have to be seen and they need to be praised. Leos often follow trends to a T, and tend not to branch out and create their own, but they always execute trends, especially makeup, flawlessly. They could do well if they’re not afraid to be gaudy with accessories. Your colors: GOLD.

Virgo: Virgos tend to have a lot of diversity when it comes to their appearance and dress. Some a drawn to practical, subdued items, while some are always going all out. Regardless, virgo always executes looks according to their vision, down to the last detail.  When Virgo shows up in your chart, use that energy to be discriminating and picky when choosing items. Your colors: earthy browns, emerald green, sea green, light grey, lavender

Libra: The first person in my mind when I hear Libra is Beyonce. Though shes a Virgo sun, she has several planets and her rising in Libra. No matter what she puts on, she always looks poised, perfect, and enviable. Libras tend to choose outfits that are pretty, but safe. Don’t be afraid to experiment and let asymmetry and imbalance take over once in a while, you’ll look perfect anyway! Your colors: pastels!

Scorpio: Sexy scorpio loves to shock and awe with their appearance. Whether its grungy, punk clothing that goes against the establishment or sensual, cleavage bearing ostentation; scorpio aims to be remembered. If you have scorpio anywhere in your chart, fight the need to be introverted and reserved. Scorpio does best when they are confident, extraverted, and unafraid to attract attention (if you have a scorpio placement, you’ll always attract attention anyway) Your colors: red, black, emerald

Sagittarius: Being a worldly sign, Sagittarius is the archetype of the hippie, bohemian, philosopher, and art student.  Having a Sagittarius placement is like having a huge skylight in your house, you are open, optimistic, and free. This leaves so many options for Sagittarians, They tend to incorporate influences from many cultures and works of art. They also love to leave an impression, and have no problem doing it. Your colors: Turqouise and bright yellows and oranges

Capricorn: My sun sign is, sadly, the most underestimated sign. Capricorn is a powerhouse sign with many personality contradictions (it’s named after a seagoat, after all). This leaves options, surprisingly, open. I’ve seen Capricorns dress with an insane amount of sex appeal, to an insane amount of conservatism. Use your discrimination to choose pieces that are timeless and edgy. Your colors: black, ash brown, olive green, burgundy, indigo

Aquarius: Super inventive and off the rails, Aquarians no  matter the sun sign, have a lightning sharp wit and electric and innovative mind. Experimentation is the name of the game with Aquarius. But, unlike Gemini, you are always going to blaze your own trail with your appearance. Go all out. Your colors: Electric blue, neon, silver, violets

Pisces: Ethereal and otherworldly, the Pisces temperment is soft, expressive, and artistic. So, their appearance will usually reflect these qualities. I have my Venus in Pisces (which is the best sign for venus) and I’m strongly drawn to soft, luxury fabrics like satin, chiffon, and fur, and colors that have a pearly or iridescent quality. Experiment with all types of jewels to adorn your body and never wear anything too tight, your items should flow and make you look dreamy. Your colors: indigo, violet, seafoam green, light blue

While some people won’t identify with their signs description...

...keep in mind that you dont have one sign, you have several! For example, my sun sign is Capricorn, my rising is Scorpio, my venus is Pisces, my mercury is Aquarius, and my moon is Sagittarius. Each of these signs are vastly different, but it satisfies me because I can switch up often (my moon is in the first house, so I LOVE change). Keep an open mind, experiment, make moodboards. I loved using this method, I even added it to the list of services for my clients. I hope you love it just as much.

Diane Honey

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