The Complete Bikini Guide

I get asked about swimwear a lot. I know it's hard to find nice swimwear, there's really not enough good brands out there! Luckily, I know quite a few sites you can get hot fire swimwear. I've been spending the last few hours browsing the shit outta internet to find you all my top picks. 

My favourite brands are Myra Swim and Minimale Animale. Myra Swim has a lot of great, sleek, basic swimwear with really nice simple designs. You guys know I love that! And definitely with a super sexy twist to it! Minimale Animale is another great minimalistic brand with super sexy swimwear, however some of their designs are a little bit too minimal if you know what I mean. But I'm obsessed with this studded bikini that you can see down below. So badass!

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