How to get more followers when you barely have any

I'm assuming you're here because you have potential and a good feed. You're not posting random photos of your cat in bad lighting, neither do you post pictures of your Starbucks cup because they couldn't get your name right this time either. You have also already read my 'How to run a successful inspo account' -post. 

So if that's you, then you will find this post pretty helpful. If you have a good feed, talent and potential, yet your following is small and is not growing, chances are you're not applying one of the most essential tips I have. 

What needs to be understood is, it doesn't matter how good your feed is if no one knows you exist. 

The reason that my accounts are growing pretty steadily, is because I already have a big bunch of followers on there. The "only" thing I need to do is making sure my feed is attractive and valuable - i.e., creating good content. But in the beginning it wasn't that easy. 


To get more followers, you need to interact with others. Find other people with a similar account to yours, let them know you exist. Do this by commenting on their pictures (be genuine people!) and build relationships. Getting more followers on social media is sort of like getting new friends in real life. You actually have to talk to people! (No way?!) You can't stand in your little corner and expect people to come up to you and be impressed by who you are as a person. That barely even happens in movies. Interacting with others on social media is like going up to people in a party and be like - hey! - and introduce yourself. 

Again, it's super important to be genuine. At least in my opinion. I don't think internet needs more desperate liars. (Was that harsh?) If your account has a dark theme, there's not much point in interacting with people that has pictures of their fluffy pink pillows. Know what I'm saying? Being genuine means that you're interacting with people (accounts) with the same taste as you, and being real and truthful when commenting. Don't just comment to comment. Comment because you actually like something! People love compliments as long as they're genuine. 

So that's my main tip for start-ups or people that are stuck! Comment, like, be real - and watch your feed grow!

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