How to wear The straps: the rules


The lace-up trend has been around for quite a while now and I'm counting on that most of you have lots of different shoes, bags and clothes with straps. Wearing strappy on strappy is one of my favorite style concepts so I thought I'd show you how to wear, and how to not wear straps!



If you have a slim dress or top with spaghetti straps and wonder if you can wear it with those clunky shoes you have; think again! If your top/dress consists of really thin straps only, wear it with a pair of shoes that has spaghetti straps too. That will make your outfit come together really nicely and you'll look like you just know. So if the traps are thin, wear additional clothing/shoes with the same thin straps. Take a look at the example above (pic 4) where the straps of the bodysuit is as thin as the straps on her heels. It would've looked strange if she had thick, chunky heels. 


Remember not to go too overboard with the lace-ups. I've seen some people wear way too much of it at the same time; a lace-up top, lace-up skirt and lace-up boots. It's just too much! Try to keep it at maximum two pieces in one outfit. Take a look at the heels below, they are super strappy. Since they are a statement in itself, I wouldn't wear anything else lace-up with those heels. It would be too much! I would pair them with a simple dress spaghetti strap dress or a long sleeve turtleneck dress for fall.