My top online-shopping tips

If it doesn't look good on the model it doesn't look good on you

Brands put a lot of time into their product pictures so if a piece of clothing doesn't look good on the paid model with her super fit body, chances are very high it won't look better on you. Remember there's also a stylist, photographer and editor behind those pictures, and they always pick the most flattering pictures for the final product shot (after all it's their money shot), so if it doesn't look good on the model, it won't look good on anyone. 

If you're in between two sizes, order both

We have absolutely no idea how stretchy or non-stretchy the fabric will be. If the fabric is very stretchy, always go with the smaller size. If it's no stretch in there what so ever, we have no clue which one will fit. So order both, and compare the fit of the two sizes. This maybe doesn't matter so much when it comes to basic tank tops, but it does matter a lot if it's a dress or jumpsuit that's expensive. Rather go through the hassle of sending one piece back, than have an expensive ill-fitting piece you'll end up never wearing.

Always google the unknown brand

So if you're not shopping from Zara, H&M or any other known brand, always check the legitimateness of the site. Google the name of the brand and 'scam' and pages like Scamadvicer will pop up, telling you if the site is secure or not. If it isn't, run the other way. Also always remember to check reviews of the brand. Trustpilot is good for that, or just google.  

If you're unsure, ask

If you're unsure of the fit or the thickness of the fabric or anything else, always email the label. Often they can give you better insight, after all it's their job!

Get some money off with discount codes

You can always save money. Often brands offer 10% or 15% off if you sign up to their newsletter. There's often other codes too that can give you even more money off, especially if it's a big brand like Missguided or Asos. Google the brand and the word 'promotion' or 'discount' and lots of different pages will pop up where they list all the latest codes that you can save money on. I've saved up to 40% off my orders by doing this!

Follow your favorite brands on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter

Brands sometimes do a big sale on their site for a very limited amount of time (often 24 hrs). They can offer up to 50% off all their items (Missguided just had a sale like this the other week, and it was for 24 hrs only) and the only way to know about it is to follow them on social media. 

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