Ok so I literally just remembered that none of you know I also work in Denistry (and that I am also a qualified beautician) hence why I am appalling when it comes to blogging and posting on Instagram, so hard to find the time! Anyway there are many beauty hacks out there nowadays so I thought maybe I should give my advice on something different, something which should appeal to Elina's readers. Which lead me to drafting a post about teeth whitening. (why have I never spoken about this before lol?)


Anyway, I am tired of seeing people buying toothpaste that says "whiten within 7 days" and expect your teeth to be bright as Simon Cowells. WRONG. Just removes some staining. The only way you can change the shading of your teeth is to use the correct and safe packages which will whiten your teeth and to also follow the guidelines when it comes to after care and dieting. 


So. Teeth. The basics. Everyone's teeth are different, I don't mean in the positioning or shape I mean the shading. A bit like the skin, teeth have undertones. The grey and the yellow. In dentistry each shade has a letter and a number. So the final results depend on the shade you began with. You can only go up by a few more shades if you continue past the shade which you should be happy with your teeth will most likely go grey and you wont be able to reverse that, also you'll experience great sensitivity. 






Q: So how do I got about it?

A: Firstly you need a proper examination/check up by your dentist. This is in case there are maybe medical reasons to why your teeth are discolored, or also if you need any work doing such as fillings especially composite (which are white fillings) you'll need to get those done first. As well, you will also be given the best advice by the dental team about teeth whitening. 

Q: Will my teeth definitely whiten?

A: As I mentioned above all teeth are different therefore we can not give an accurate answer. To whiten your teeth anyway the peroxide which is the "bleach" travels through the enamel, through the dentin and ends up in the pulp (the inner layer). The travelling of the bleach changes the coloring of the layers. So if you find that your teeth are translucent or appears to be then your teeth will not whiten. 

Q: Does it damage my teeth?

A: It is only safe when you use the correct percentage of peroxide (peroxide comes in many concentrates). The hydrogen peroxide should only stay on the teeth for the correct amount of time which will be found within the manufacturers instructions. The only common side effect is sensitivity. So my advice if your teeth are sensitive already would be to apply sensitive tooth paste onto your teeth 3-4 times a day (do not rinse out) until you can drink a glass of icy cold water. 

Q: What are the methods?

A: Home kits or in-surgery whitening. It depends on how urgent you want your teeth to be white. In-surgery is carried out by your dentist and dental nurse. Where I work, we work with phillips zoom which will whiten your teeth in just one session, we then provide you with after care where you continue for the next few days and then gradually stop and bleach once every year to keep up the shade. In-surgery whitening is normally assisted with a LED lamp to accelerate the whitening. 

Home kits are where you are provided with customized trays. You have the choice of whitening in the day or whitening over night. But this is a big commitment, and takes approx. two weeks to the ideal shade you want to be at. 

Q: Can I smoke?

A: Absolutely not. Whitening opens up minuscule canals when travelling through the layers. So unless you actually want to go darker with your teeth, or maybe give off a les miserable look and have brown teeth then please don't. 

Dieting: It is also important to consider what you eat. Cutting out drinks and food which stain determines the finishing look. I'm talking about tea, coffee, curries, ketchup etc. Things that would stain your skin will definitely stain your teeth. 


If you have any further questions about teeth whitening or cosmetics do not hesitate and message me. For now, toodle pip xoxo