Why "Mind over matter" will ruin your life

I don't get why I don't write more about life... A lot of you guys seem to really like it. I've been posting a lot of quotes and texts on Instagram and I always get great feedback from you. It really warms my heart! And I do like to share what I know. I have been through more and heavier stuff than most people in their early 20's and I think that, along with the fact that I'm a thinker, makes me pretty experienced in life. If that's even a thing? Lol maybe I should put that on my resumé... "Experiences: Life". Anyway, let's jump right into todays topic. (And also, please let me know what you think about these LIFE blog posts. Comment on IG or send me a message, email, anything. Would love to hear your thoughts!)

"Mind over matter" - piss off

The “mind over matter” mentality is so incredibly stupid (mind you, I would like to use ten different curse words to describe this mentality, but I settle with ‘stupid’). See, “mind over matter” is really all about accepting a shitty situation and torture yourself by living as if it doesn’t exist. It doesn’t remove the problem at all - it’s like having your arm cut off and putting a patch on it and hoping that it’s going to save your arm. To fix a problem, you need to go to the root of the problem and rip out the fu*king root, not try to plant new seeds on top of it. The new seeds won't help removing the root at all, it will only push the root even deeper.

"Just suck it up"

During a very long period in my life I had this major problem and it was unbearable. But growing up I've only ever heard "push through" "mind over matter" "just suck it up". All these different advices that said the same thing: Pretend it doesn't exist and you'll be fine. Well guess what? It wasn't fine. And pretending that the problem didn't exist, made the situation even worse. 

I do understand why people try the mind over matter method when things are shit. I really do, especially if you don't know anything else. But it's like running around in a hamster wheel. I'm just gonna throw in this super over-used quote by Einstein:

the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. 

So if you've tried the mind over matter method you'll already know, or eventually realize, that it doesn't work. So what should you do? Face the problem head on. Put all (or some at least) energy into resolving the issue so that it disappears forever. If you don't know what the root problem is, find out. Because removing the root is the only way your problem is going to stop coming back to you, forever.