The sexy sheer bodysuit with velvet straps


I posted this bodysuit [first pic] on my Snapchat story a couple of weeks ago and I got some questions from people wondering where it's from. Unfortunately, I got my hands on literally the very last one [Nastygal] and they haven't restocked it since. They probably won't do that at this point. 

However, I was just browsing the Asos site and found this perfect dupe! Both are sheer and has velvet straps, however the one from Asos has fully covered cups which is more convenient as the one I got is sheer (I will have to figure out a way to style it without flashing my nips). If you get this NaaNaa bodysuit, you won't have that problem! Love it. 


A second alternative from Nastygal

A second alternative to this gorgeous bodysuit is this one. It has thinner straps and is more sheer!

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