What to wear instead of that mainstream Ck bralette

A good friend of mine recently said "if there is one, there is several". Now she was talking about boys, but this applies to many things, fashion for one thing. So the mainstream CK bralette I'm talking about is the grey one with racerback and thick straps. But as I said, if there's one sexy and comfortable lounge wear bra, then there's several. (17 in this slide). My favorite is the Björn Borg bralette that has a deep V neck. I think it's very sexy! I liked it so much that I ordered it for myself!

When do you wear these lounge bra's?


If it's not thigh-sticking hot outside, you can wear it with high waisted jeans in the summer and tie a shirt around your hips. That's just my opinion - if I'm wearing something small and/or revealing as a top, I like to cover up or do layers. But if it's makeup-melting hot...


...I'd wear it around the house with shorts when I'm switching between sun-bathing and dipping my face in ice water in the kitchen (we have no pool). Sometimes it's just not nice wearing bikini when you can't take a dip so I prefer wearing lounge wear.


Or, you can sleep in it! When it's so hot you think your face is about to melt off, it's pretty nice to sleep in a cotton bra! Not all of these will keep the ladies in check though so think about that before you buy.